Evenup Shoe Balancer Leveler Lift


Evenup Shoe Balancer Leveler Lift

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  • Equalize Limb Length and Reduce Body Strain While Walking
  • Convenient fix for the frequent complaints of hip, knee and back pain
  • Walk on even footing and in your own comfortable shoes.
  • EVENup is the easy way to “even up” leg length frm hip to sole and make walking a breeze and pain free
  • Eliminates low back pain and hip pain often associated with a walking cast
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    Size: Small


    EVENup is an orthotic shoe lift that is used for compensating temporary leg length discrepancy. EVENup ® was developed by two Podiatrists in Ft Myers, Florida, after hearing complaints from patients wearing a fracture boot. The patients were experiencing pain in the back, hip and/or knee due to uneven gait when walking with an orthotic walking boot or wound care shoe.

    While wearing a walking boot, there will be a height difference between the foot with the orthosis and your uninjured foot.

    Simply slip an EVENup onto the sole of the shoe of your uninjured foot to help adjust for the height difference while walking around during your recovery.


    • Small: Shoe size Women's 5 - 8 1/2, Men's 6 -8
    • Medium Shoe size Women's 9 - 11, Men's 8 1/2 - 10 1/2
    • Large Shoe size Women's 11 1/2 - 13 1/2, Men's 11 - 13
    • X Large Shoe size Women's 14+, Men's 13 1/2+

    Fits either foot: the evenup shoe balancer can be worn on your right or left foot.


    • Adds 1.3cm or 2.1cm to compensate for a shorter limb length when wearing a walking boot, cast or fracture boot
    • Helps equalize a patient's limb length and reduce body strain while walking in a cast or fracture boot
    • Easily removed
    • Convenient fix for the frequent complaints of hip, knee and back pain
    • For size, measure the length of the shoes' sole; size does not correspond to shoe size

    Product Specifications and Resources

    Adds 1/2", or 3/4" or 1 1/4"
    Product Type Post-Operative Shoe
    Weight 0.5 Pounds
    Product Style Pull-Over Orthotic Walking Boot
    Application Evens Leg Length During Cast Use
    Clinical Indication ICD-10-CM CODE
    Leg Length Discrepancy M217
    Temporary Leg Length Discrepancy M217

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