Kayezen VECTOR 45 Resistance System Solo Exercise Kit


Kayezen VECTOR 45 Resistance System Solo Exercise Kit

SKU: 550806
  • VECTOR can deliver between 10 and 100 hundred pounds of resistanc
  • 45-inch Tube Pull Range
  • Portable for use on the go, TSA compliant
  • Includes extra tubes, door anchor, various straps, carabiners, and free Vector exercise app
  • 15-inch VECTOR Tubes Assembled with Kevlar® String
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    $454.05 Kit / Each


    Everything you need to get started and allows you to grow into a Tactical or Pro system in the future. The single VECTOR Power Pack can deliver approximately 10 to over 100 pounds of resistance. With 2 Long Strap Loop Handles and our Thigh Cinch Strap you can perform hundreds multi-directional exercises everywhere.


    • VECTOR’s patented, dial-in resistance tube system removes the need to purchase multiple resistance tubes, bands, dumbbells and kettlebells
    • Delivers improved feel, more exercise options and greatly reduced set-up times
    • Patented dial-in resistance system provides a progressive, smooth range of pull with every rep.
    • Kayezen’s tubes are assembled with Kevlar to limit snap-back risk
    • Start at weight levels that are right for you and increase the VECTOR’s resistance as you continue to improve and achieve your goals
    • More precisely build range of motion strength and endurance with isometric and dynamic exercises that were previously difficult to set-up or required much larger or multiple pieces of equipment

    Product Specifications and Resources

    Unit Length 20 inches
    Tube Lenth 15 inches
    Pull Range 45 inches
    Vector Warranty 1 year replacement warranty
    Tube Warranty 60 day limited replacement warranty
    App Compatibility iOS and Android devices
    What's in the Box
  • 1 VECTOR 45 Unit
  • 10 Light Tubes
  • 10 Heavy Tubes
  • 1 Door Anchor
  • 1 Long Handle
  • 1 Long Torso Strap
  • 1 Thigh Strap
  • 2 Carabiners
  • Kayezen VECTOR Exercise APP

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