Medley 8015 Infusion Pump Refurbished


Medley 8015 Infusion Pump Refurbished

SKU: 368015
MFG Part #: 8015
  • Each Alaris Medley 8015 PC Unit can support up to four infusion modules with a single power cord
  • Large, easy to read color programming screen
  • Programming screen displays drug or IV fluid name, dose or rate and volume infused
  • Color title bars on the screen help clinicians easily find information; such as, green is a clinical advisory, yellow is a Guardrails alert and red is for an alarm
  • Real time battery gauge display lets clinicians know the amount of run time available for their current infusions
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    The Alaris Medley 8015 PC Unit is the core of the Alaris System and provides a common user interface for programming infusion and monitoring modules, and houses the Guardrails Suite MX educational training software.


        • Guardrails software allows you to convert data into meaningful information so you can quickly identify opportunities for clinical and operational improvement.
        • The wirelessly enabled software is available on every device
        • Increased protection for IV safety
        • A common user interface simplifies IV administration by standardizing the Alaris Pump, Syringe and PCA on one platform.
        • Guardrails Suite MX software is the most comprehensive safety software available.
        • Guardrails Suite MX software provides the right protection for every infusion by double-checking dose, duration and delivery rate as well as protecting critical infusions, such as chemotherapy.

        Product Specifications and Resources

        Dimensions 6.9″ W x 8.8″ H x 9″ D including pole clamp
        Weight 7.2 lbs
        Battery Operation Battery run time is a function of the number of modules attached and module activity
        Communication Data Port RS-232 with an RJ45 connector
        Electronic Memory System configuration parameters stored in volatile memory are retained for at least 6 months by an internal backup lithium battery
        Module specific parameters are stored for 8 hours when system is turned off Module specific parameters are stored for 8 hours when system is turned off
        Power Requirements 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 150VA Max

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